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Jeremy Bernstein is a television writer/producer, whose credits include TNTís Leverage and The Librarians. He has also written feature films, comic books, and video gamesóincluding such hit games as Dead Space 2 and Pretty in Pink.

Thatís right. Dead Space 2 and Pretty in Pink.

Itís been an eclectic career.

Jeremy holds Masters Degrees in both Biochemistry and Screenwriting. His first job in high school was theater-camp counselor; his first job in LA was teaching calculus. He once made a video game about Congressional Redistricting. He has been a consultant for both the National Counter-Terrorism Center and Walt Disney Imagineering (but not at the same time). Heís been invited to guest lecture in China and at the Hallmark Corporation. Once, he spent two years in the pharmaceutical industry looking for a cure for Hepetitis C. For the last ten years, he has been one twisted ankle short of a black belt in Tae Kwan Do.

Jeremy has been writing stories since he was eight years old. Heís much better at it now.

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